We Don't cut corners We leave that to the Machines and Tools!

Icarus 12" Rail W/Gibbz NRSCU

The Goal: Create an AR upper and rail system with superior durability, top of the line finishes, and excellent rigidity.


*How we did it: Many in fact almost all of our competitors have gone with less expensive 6061 Grade Aluminum extrusions as their base material. Great for saving cost and machine time…not so great for quality and strength.

*Icarus Precision Has cut no corners, we leave that to the machines and cutting tools!

*We start with a solid Block of 7075 Aluminum weighing 8 Lbs!

*After that We machine every single face, radius, bore, facet, slot, chamfer, and counter bore on our in-house High Precision 5 axis Mill.

*The result weighs in at just over 10 oz!!!


*The same no compromise mindset has gone into our choice of the upper receiver. We are proud to offer a customized upper from Gibbz Arms! The Icarus team has added a notch for our anti-rotation lug as well as a groove in the flat top rail to match our free float system! Our Stainless shim for the rail is also fitted with a tab that hooks into the Titanium Barrel nut eliminating the chance for the system to slip. Together they offer an almost seamless streamline design!

Ace 365/XL/SAS

Life is never a sure thing. Play the cards you're dealt, stack the deck if you can!

Designed to take the Sig P365 compact to the next level.

Billet Machined out of 7075 High strength aluminum

The Accuracy, Control, enhanced (ACE) Grip is designed to keep you on target, minimize recoil, and fit all sizes of hands.

Features include:

Exaggerated finger notch designed to help you lock-in.

Palm swells on both sides to offer more contact and comfort to your grip.

Square grip texture for more sure handling without the excessive bite That Dimond grips cause.

Extended Beaver Tail to reduce muzzle flip making repeated/rapid shooting exceptionally controllable.

Ace 320 X-Carry

We are proud to bring you the 7075 T-6 billet aluminum Ace 320 Grip for the P320.


The Ace 320 grip has a host of specialized features in order to reduce recoil enhance grip and improve shooting comfort with the P320.


Features include:


*Extended beaver tail with improved ergonomics to land perfectly in the webb of your hand.


*Raised grip position to reduce muzzle flip.


*Exaggerated finger notch below trigger guard reducing front to back grip width. Improves access to the controls and gives a natural comfortable shooting position.


*Standard 1913 Pic Rail with milled center channel to reduce weight.


*Grip texture on the front of trigger guard for additional grip versatility.


*Signature grip texture uses alternating circular pocket design. Our design allows your hand to settle in offering excellent grip without discomfort.


*Vertical grip lines on handle help keep you on target.

M17 Ace 320

Adding to our library if Ace grips for variouse Sig platforms the M17 Ace has arrived.

In Typical Icarus form we have taken an excellent platform in the M17 and added our own improvments that advance this pistol to the next level.


First we focused on making the grip fit a wide variety of hand sizes. The top of the grip has been drastically slimmed down in order ease acces to the hand controls. The reduced overall diamiter also makes it easy for those with smaller hands to get a stonger grip performing unsupported weapon hand firing of the pistol. 

1. 100% 7075-T 6 Construction. This material makes the grip module more rigid, resist effects of heat and cold, and increases structural integrity in very harsh conditions.


2. An extended 'Beaver' tail which helps mitigate muzzle rise.


3. Enhanced Diamond pattern and stippling on grip allows for better grip in all conditions.


4. Larger finger notch at the trigger guard/pistol grip allow more control in firing the pistol and fits a multitude of finger sizes. Grips that are too agressive in this area reduce the freedom of grip choice. Our machinist have found a balace between the agessive notch and smooth transition allowing excellent control and grip flexability.


5. All Icarus Precision grips are finished in Cerakote which prevents corrosion, enhances lubricity, and increases durability.


ARBR (Angled Rail Bag Rest)

The ARBR Combo comes with our new angled rail designed to fit Gen 2-3 Magpul PRS stocks and our color matched bag rest.



*7075 T6 Aluminum


*Standard pic rail design that complements the angle of the gen 2-3 PRS Stock.


*MLOK hardware for universal install


*Curved bag rest blade for small precise elevation changes

Extra wide blade for better stability. (Good for more rapid/breech follow up shots)


*Angled rail features one Quick Disconnect mount on the front while the Bag rest features one on the bottom and rear.


EAG (Enhanced angle grip)

The “Enhanced, Angled, Grip” (EAG) is a finger stop length grip that uses standard M-lok hardware to mount in your preferred hand guard location or wherever you have an M-lok mounting point.

The EAG is one single piece for ease of installation and ergonomic purposes. The design was influenced by over 30 years of shooting experience in both special forces operations and law enforcement (patrol and SWAT).


Features include:


*Shallow taper design at the base where it mounts using M-lok hardware. The result is a very smooth transition between the grip and mounting surface.

*Skeleton cuts in the finger grip to reduce weight.

*Horizontal grip cuts on the front, back, and along the angled part of the grip as well.

*Quick disconnect (QD) point machined directly into the back of EAG allows a streamline placement for your sling strap and uninterrupted grip.

*Pair with our angled rail bag rest (A.R.B.R.) for a wide variety of sling placements and versatility or use it in your current build as a stand-alone addition.

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**Icarus Precision LLC is not responsible for any property or personal injury/damage incurred using our products.** 


**Due to ITAR Regulations, the exportation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories is heavily regulated in the U.S.  We are not registered with Department of State as an exporter, therefor we cannot ship any of our products outside the U.S. We cannot and will not ship to a freight forwarder who then ships outside the U.S. either.**