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ACE 365 XL PMM PRO (Restock Q4 2021)

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A.C.E. 365 Hybrid XL Parker Mtn Machine “PMM” Pro Grip Module Details:

The Icarus Precision, Accuracy, Control, Enhanced “A.C.E.” 365 Hybrid XL Parker Mtn. Machine “PMM” Pro grip module EXCLUSIVE is designed for seamless integration of the PPM P365 compensator paired with the standard length 365 slide. Machined from billet 7075 aluminum to be an upgrade for the Sig Sauer OEM standard polymer P365 XL grip module that truly customizes your everyday carry. The XL is designed for a longer grip with added capacity option and a moderately flared mag well for the A.C.E. 365 series – our 365 Hybrid XL grip module weight is approximately double the OEM polymer module (weight = 3.875 oz) and features an extended beaver tail providing the shooter mitigated recoil and reduced muzzle flip for accurate rapid fire. Our “hybrid” grip texture has been developed to provide exceptionally secure grip without excessive bite. The elevated finger notch enhances the grip ergonomics of the firearm for more secure handling while the longer standard 1913 style picatinny rail offers the widest variety of compatible options when selecting accessories to customizing your weapon.

A.C.E. 365 Hybrid XL Parker Mtn Machine “PMM” Pro Grip Module Features:
• EXCLUSIVELY designed to be paired with the PMM compensator set and P365 XL magazine for use on a standard length 365 slide
• Machined from billet 7075 aluminum
• Direct replacement of the Sig Sauer OEM standard polymer P365 grip module
• Longer handle grip module of our A.C.E. 365 series
• Increased weight mitigates recoil (weight 3.885 oz)
• Extended beaver muzzle reduces muzzle flip
• Upgraded hybrid comfort/performance grip texture
• Elevated finger notch allowing for a more positive grip
• PMM Pro full-length mill spec 1913 picatinny rail sits flush with the compensator and follows the contour of the PMM design for seamless integration
• Moderately flared mag well
• Available in safety & non-safety versions
• Capacity: 12 +1 rounds
***Fitment note regarding holsters: Although our grips are compatible with a variety of holsters, they are not compatible with all holsters designed for the OEM 365 grip module due to the mill spec 1913 picatinny rail feature – if you have questions, contact us for recommendations regarding compatible holsters***

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