Dark Alliance Limited Edition X-Carry Grip Module

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**Grip Module only**

Weight 8.875oz

Pure artistry with amazingly fine detail!

A few lucky individuals will get to have these in their collection.
Produced by Dark Alliance Customs (who in our opinion is the Gold Standard for Custom laser engraving) a special run
limited to 20 units that are individually numbered ACE 320 X-Carry Grips are being made Available to the public!
The Ace 320 grip has a host of specialized features in order to reduce recoil enhance grip and improve shooting comfort with
the P320.
Features include:
*Extended beaver tail with improved ergonomics to land perfectly in the web of your hand.
*Raised grip position to reduce muzzle flip.
*Exaggerated finger notch below trigger guard reducing front to back grip width. Improves access to the controls and gives
a natural comfortable shooting position.
*Standard 1913 Pic Rail with milled center channel to reduce weight.

*Weight 8.8oz
*Works with all OEM slides 6.5 inches or longer(to our knowledge).
*Accepts all OEM Sig mags except the 320 compact mags (to our knowledge).
*No manual safety model is not currently available.
*We also sell blanks that are popular with custom laser engraving companies…..want something truly unique go that route.

***Does not include Mag-Release We have not been able to source them in sufficient quantities to accommodate this option***

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**EXP 3/31/21 Once per customer

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