Icarus "E.A.G." (Enhanced Angle Grip)

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The Enhanced Angled Grip "EAG" is a finger stop length grip that uses standard M-lok hardware to mount in your preferred hand guard location or wherever you have an M-lok mounting point.

The EAG is one single piece for ease of installation and ergonomic purposes. The design was influenced by over 30 years of shooting experience in both special forces operations & law enforcement (Patrol & SWAT).
Features include:
Shallow taper design at the base where it mounts using M-lok hardware. The result is a very smooth transition between the grip and mounting surface.
Skeleton cuts in the finger grip to reduce weight.
Horizontal grip cuts on the front and back of the finger stop and along the angled part of the grip as well.
Quick disconnect (QD) point machined directly into the back of EAG allows a streamline placement for your sling strap and uninterrupted grip.

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