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Zaffiri/Icarus Pro Carry Collaboration March '22

Out of stock
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Ships 3/22 if ordered week of 3/14

Say goodbye to your polymer Sig frame! Zaffiri Precision ( ) and Icarus Precision teamed up to bring you one awesome P320c Builders Kit! Upgrade your existing 320 or get an FCU and parts kits – this ALUMINUM frame will take your P320 to the next level. This build is similar to in concept to a Glock 19X – It utilizes a frame that uses a 17 round magazine (full size frame) while using a P320 (compact) slide.

This kit includes the following items:
Qty: 1 – Frame – Pro Carry
Qty: 1 – Slide – ZPS.2 p320c – RMR Cut

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