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A.C.E. 365 Hybrid XL Pro  

"The @icarus_precision A.C.E (Accuracy Control Enhanced) P365 Hybrid XL Pro Grip Mod lives up to it’s name & claims. The @sigsauerinc P365XL with @sigsauerusa Romeo Zero micro Red-dot has been one of my top choices for EDC for sometime now for a multitude of reasons, the grip modification took one of my favorite little pistols to an entirely greater level & dynamic in performance & cosmetic appeal. Here’s why.


Billet machined from 7075 aluminum, the added weight and material greatly improves performance & manageability by reducing muzzle rise & increasing controlled shot recovery for unparalleled mitigation even under rapid fire. Nearly doubling the weight of the OEM Polymer mod, I was in shocked by the increased stabilization, control & accuracy provided.


The ergonomic design & features once again are a cut above; first & foremost the elevated finger notch underneath the trigger guard allowing for more positive strong hand grip. The signature “hybrid” grip texture is superbly finished, providing exceptional comfort and contact. The extended beaver tail tang adds huge appeal aesthetically & in performance without compromising concealability. The 1913 pic rail is also extended now with equivalent length to the slide for greater, versatile accessory options. The slightly flared magazine well is a huge win as well.


Aesthetically this grip mod entirely changes the overall dynamic of this pistol with clean lines, quality machine work and finish, giving this bad boy a well deserved makeover with a custom built look and feel. Literally zero negatives.


Installation was simple and painless, removing the integral FCU and magazine release took less than 5 minutes and minimal effort.


@icarus_precision really went above and beyond with this design, I’m looking forward to upgrading my standard P365 to the ACE grip mod as well. Well done Icarus! Check out their product line up, they offer some industry-leading designs with the utmost craftsmanship & standards. All proudly designed, developed & manufactured in Washougal, WA USA"

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