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 The Myth

Behind The Legend

Icarus Precision’s name was inspired by the Greek myth. Most people know the basics of the story… Icarus flying too close to the sun, wings melting and falling to his death. What people do not know is most of the story is based on Icarus’s father Daedalus. A renowned inventor Daedalus was quite enamored with himself. When his nephew also became an inventor and started to gain his own popularity he became jealous. The jealousy was so great Daedalus murdered his nephew to maintain his status. This failed and he was exiled for his crimes and had to flee to Crete.


Daedalus was able to reclaim his fame and attain the status he craved by inventing things for the king of Crete. With his regained status Dedalus again became arrogant, so much that he scorned the king by aiding the queen in a great betrayal. This is where the fall of Daedalus begins and with him his son Icarus. Imprisoned by the king who had great armies both land and sea Daedalus knew Icarus and he would have to escape through the sky. Daedalus cautioned Icarus to fly high enough above the water but not too high and close to the sun. From this point you all know the story Icarus flew too close to the sun and fell to his death while Daedalus watched helplessly knowing his actions were the cause of his sons fate.


Icarus Precision will continue to push the boundaries in all our endeavors much like Daedalus. Taking away lessons from the story such as humility and caution  we only have one goal, designs that offer a perfect blend of form and function bringing our customers products that are truly “Like No Other”.

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