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XTEN base pad modification
P365 XL now shoots Softer than the Macro! Icarus P365 XL+ with PMM Comp

P365 XL now shoots Softer than the Macro! Icarus P365 XL+ with PMM Comp

XL now Flatter than the Macro! Icarus P365 XL+ with PMM Comp Can't believe there is a combo out there that makes my P365XL shoot flatter than the P365 X Macro. It is a little more expensive, and a tiny bit longer, however still retains a thin concealable profile. What we are talking about is the new Icarus P365 XL+ Grip Module. This grip module has a longer grip which takes the Macro magazines, and a longer frame and picatinny rail which accommodates the now "Flush Fitting" PMM comp and barrel. Let me know what you all think! #p365xl #icarusprecision #mrbigkid **My Ear Pro** AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Bluetooth Ear Buds / Ear Pro BlueTooth Ear Muffs... **Best Outdoor Clothing... Period.** Pnuma Outdoor Gear Discount... Use this link with my coupon code for 20% off the entire order! Coupon Code - (MBK20) - Enter at Checkout **My Favorite Shades... The Gatorz!** 100% Made in America Gatorz Ballistic Sunglasses. Use Code (MrBigKid) for a big discount at checkout. ___________________________________________________________ Come follow me on Instagram and Facebook! Don't miss out! Subscribe to the MrBigKid Channel! Make sure to check out my BBQ Channel! #ets #stopmagthumb #etsspeedloaders #loadfaster #etsclearlybetter #sponsored **YouTube Advertising Guidelines Verification** This video was filmed on a Land Management Shooting Area "Outdoor Range" with Safety in Mind. There are no explanations or directions on how to perform any modifications. This video abides by the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines, and the YouTube Community Guidelines. **Affiliate Link Disclaimer** Links on this page may be affiliate links. If you purchase from one of these links, it may give the MrBigKid channel a small commission at no extra cost to you. This commission helps the MrBigKid channel grow and keep producing content. If you decide to purchase from one of these links, Thank You! ______________________________________________________________
DON'T BUY the P365 X-MACRO...Get THIS Instead..
Tactical Toolbox

DON'T BUY the P365 X-MACRO...Get THIS Instead..

Why you should Skip Buying the Sig P365 XMACRO and Get this instead... Parts List Here My All Time Favorite Ear Pro Online Build Tutorials Here 1 Million Sub Contest #TacticalToolbox Today we're going over how the Sig P365 X Macro (also known as the Sig Sauer P365 X Macro) and the Best P365 Xmacro Upgrades and P365 xl upgrades. Could this be better than the Sig Sauer p365 xl or even the P365 XL Spectre comp? The P365 Upgrades we're going to cover the Icarus Precision p365 grip module for the X-Macro FDEZ Werx P365XL Slide Tactical Trigger and much more. On this channel we focus on providing brutally honest reviews about various firearms and upgrades. Whether it's choosing the Best AR 15 for the money, the best AR 15 Upgrades, best carry guns, or best Glock upgrades under 100. Check out Tactical Considerations channel My Favorite YouTube Channels to Watch Colion Noir Garand Thumb Demolition Ranch Kentucky Ballistics MrGunsnGear Warrior Poet Brandon Herrera Affiliate disclaimer: some of the above links maybe affiliate links, which may generate me a sales commission. For example, my YouTube Gear listed above is in association with the Amazon affiliate program and I’m an amazon associate.. "