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Adding to our library if Ace grips for variouse Sig platforms the M17 Ace has arrived.

In Typical Icarus form we have taken an excellent platform in the M17 and added our own improvments that advance this pistol to the next level.


First we focused on making the grip fit a wide variety of hand sizes. The top of the grip has been drastically slimmed down in order ease acces to the hand controls. The reduced overall diamiter also makes it easy for those with smaller hands to get a stonger grip performing unsupported weapon hand firing of the pistol. 


Features include:


1. 100% 7075-T 6 Construction. This material makes the grip module more rigid, resist effects of heat and cold, and increases structural integrity in very harsh conditions.


2. An extended 'Beaver' tail which helps mitigate muzzle rise.


3. Enhanced Diamond pattern and stippling on grip allows for better grip in all conditions.


4. Larger finger notch at the trigger guard/pistol grip allow more control in firing the pistol and fits a multitude of finger sizes. Grips that are too agressive in this area reduce the freedom of grip choice. Our machinist have found a balace between the agessive notch and smooth transition allowing excellent control and grip flexability.


5. All Icarus Precision grips are finished in Cerakote which prevents corrosion, enhances lubricity, and increases durability.

M17 ACE 320 Grip Module


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