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- p320 grip module - Metal Grip Module - p365 Grip Module - p320 - Sig Sauer

  • Do Icarus Grip Modules Come With a Mag Release?
    Unfortunately we have been unable to source them in sufficient quantities to offer this option. we will be happy to extend that as an option to our customers once we can. Swapping your OEM release is a snap. Links Below.... P365 Page 70 P320 Page 49
  • What Coatings Does Icarus Use?
    All solid black products are anodized using type 3 hard black All solid FDE products are finished in MAGPUL® FLAT DARK EARTH H-267 Cerakote Custom limited run product coating in the store may vary.
  • Grip Weights
    Each module in the store should have the srtipped weight as you will receive it. See Description of your desired module.
  • Holster Reccomendations
  • Shipping/Returns
    See Terms and Conditions Here.....
  • Awaiting Processing Vs Processing
    If your order is awaiting processing it has been received and is not lost. We do our best to fulfill orders as quick as we can. Fear not your order is coming. Processing means your order has been passed to our fulfillment team. Items are being finished, inspected, and packaged to ship.
  • Is My Icarus Precision Module USPSA Legal?
    Some are......see info below or in module drescription Competition Eligibility Module: ACE 320 Pro Carry, Pro Comp, SOCOM Carry, and Full Division: USPSA Limited, USPSA limited 10, USPSA Multi/3 Gun Limited and Tac-Ops Module: ACE 320 X-Compact, X-Carry Division: USPSA Production, USPSA Limited, Limited 10 and Carry Optics.
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