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Icarus Precision is a young company producing industry leading products locally owned and operated out of Washougal, WA, USA. Our proprietary lineup of Accuracy Control Enhanced “A.C.E.” grip modules were developed to bring out the BEST in the Sig Sauer P365 & P32O platforms. These modules, along with our other firearm enhancement products, are all fully CNC machined using billet 7075 T-6 aluminum providing the gold standard in quality/durability.


Our team is inspired by and works with original brand manufacturers, government agencies, active/retired military and law enforcement, and an array of industry professionals/consultants in the development of our unique products. We are recognized by Sig Sauer as being part of their “P320 Collective” and are proud to announce, High Point P.D. in N. Carolina has authorized the use of the Icarus Precision A.C.E. grip module(s) for active duty.  The grip module's were tested by officers at their training facility firing thousands of rounds without failure.


“The Icarus Precision A.C.E. modules greatly improved the officers Accuracy and Control of the pistol in firing positions both supported and unsupported. The ergonomic enhancements, allowed the officers to acquire a master grip quickly and consistently which improved accuracy down range."

-Assistant Range Master at NC Regional Firearms Training Facility

 We feel very proud to have produced a product that has improved the safety of both our LE/Military community and the public they serve!


Dave Bourland is the Icarus Precision Law Enforcement & Military Coordinator / Product Development Director. He is a 26 year veteran with 23 in AFSOC, and a 25 year retired State Trooper, with 16 years served on our SWAT Team. Law Enforcement/Military clients contact Dave regarding product information, demo module requests, order placement etc.

Dave Bourland

LE & Military Coordinator / Product Development Director


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