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A.C.E. 365 "XL EVO"

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Brand: Icarus Precision
UPC: 665415094640

LINK: Bass Pro Website - XL EVO

A.C.E. 365 XL EVO Grip Module Description:

Icarus Precision's pursuit of perfection has lead us to “evolve” yet again BEYOND THE EXPECTED. This “evolution” of the Icarus brand has produced the "EVO" series grip module bringing FULL SIZE grip module features to the Sig Sauer P365 micro carry platform. With a completely re-designed grip geometry featuring our first ever “back strap swell”. This “Memory Bump” or “Razor Back” style swell fills into the negative space in the pit of the users hand. This new geometry left and right panels with their tapering slim line front progressing to a wider rear section and incorporation of the unique Icarus style narrowed and flipped beavertail forcing the hand into position as high as possible for that immediate “master grip” acquisition. Not only do the ergonomics feel seamless with the operators hand, but the module with it's expanded grip dimensions and ambidextrous "AMBI" thumb ledges provides MORE contact area and feedback to the user than any module on the market!

As with all Icarus Precision, Accuracy, Control, Enhanced “A.C.E.” grip modules this new 365 XL EVO grip modules are machined from billet 7075 aluminum with 1913 style picatinny rail to be the NEWEST EXTREME DESIGN for your P365. This module is EXCLUSIVELY offered in the ambidextrous (“AMBI”) version providing BOTH a thumb ledge and indexing point for the operator regardless of dominate handedness. The XL EVO module utilizes the same proprietary Icarus “ELITE” series 360 degree aggressive performance grip texture and exaggerated/elevated trigger guard finger notch for the highest level of performance. The dual purpose integrated LARGE flared mag well and textured contact area mitigates recoil/reduced muzzle flip and promotes RAPID reloads also allowing more accurate rapid fire.

A.C.E. 365 XL EVO Grip Module Details:

• Totally NEW front to rear tapered side panels and completely re-designed “back strap swell” grip geometry

• The EVO series modules are EXCLUSIVELY offered in the Ambidextrous “AMBI” version providing BOTH a thumb ledge and indexing point for the operator regardless of dominate handedness.

• Dual purpose integrated LARGE flared mag well for RAPID reloads also allows for more textured contact area

• The oversized mag flare also acts as a grip extension.

• Designed for use with OEM XL magazines. Compatible with Icarus B-ACE pads and ALL OEM XL base pads (not compatible with standard P365 bases)

• As with all of our A.C.E. 365 modules, the EVO also features the Icarus propitiatory 360 degree aggressive ELITE performance grip texture

• Designed to be “flush fit” with OEM, Icarus or other aftermarket XL length slides or standard length slide when paired with a PMM "Gen 2" Micro JTTC & barrel combo (not designed for use with standard length P365 sides without PMM comp)

LINK: PMM P365/P365X/P365XL Micro JTTC and Barrel Combo - Parker Mountain Machine

• Increased weight of aluminum mitigates recoil; XL EVO weight = 4.77 oz. (OEM polymer XL grip module weight: 1.39 oz)

• Incorporates the Icarus A.C.E. P320 style flipped beavertail to increase master grip acquisition from draw, mitigated recoil and reduced muzzle flip for accurate rapid fire and reloads.

• Utilizes the same ELITE series exaggerated/elevated finger notch to get a higher grip position

• Machined from billet 7075 aluminum with a standard mil spec 1913 picatinny rail for the widest range of compatible accessory options

• Coating Type: Matte Black [Ano Type 3 Class 2] & Fire Bronze [Ano Type 2 Class 2] ***subtle to moderate tint differences are possible/to be expected between coating batches***

• Capacity: 12 +1 rounds (also accepts OEM 15 round mags)



*Does not include Mag-Release We have not been able to source them in sufficient quantities to accommodate this option*

***Icarus B-ACE Pads purchased PRIOR to 5/25/22 are NOT compatible with the A.C.E. 365 EVO Modules***

***Fitment note regarding holsters: Although our grips are compatible with a variety of holsters, they are not compatible with all holsters designed for the OEM 365 grip module due to the mill spec 1913 picatinny rail and integrated thumb rest features – if you have questions, contact us for recommendations regarding compatible holsters***



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A.C.E. 365 "XL EVO"
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