"BUNDLE" A.C.E. 365 Pro ELITE Module +PMM Comp/Barrel

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EXCLUSIVE to Icarus Precision, this package pairs our NEWEST 365 "Pro Elite" grip module with a Parker Mountain Machine "Gen 2" Micro JTTC Compensator & Barrel set up.

"BUNDLE" Description/Features:

BUNDLE includes an Icarus Precision A.C.E. 365 Pro Elite "PMM" Grip Module (retail price $319.99) paired with a PMM JTTC Micro (Gen 2) Comp/Barrel Kit (retail price $360) at a "BUNDLE" price of $659.99 ($20 savings)

The Icarus Precision A.C.E. 365 Pro Elite "PMM" Grip Module is designed specifically to accept a PMM "Gen 2" JTTC comp/barrel kit. When the PMM comp/barrel kit is paired with a standard length P365 slide and the Icarus Pro Elite module the design features of the Icarus Precision A.C.E. grip module provides tapered left & right side dust cover profile mimicking the geometry of the comp providing seamless integration and "flush fit" with PMM's newest generation of their P365 JTTC Micro Comp & Barrel Combo .
As with all of our "A.C.E." grip modules, the our newest A.C.E. 365 Pro Elite "PMM" module is machined from billet 7075 aluminum to be an upgrade for the Sig Sauer OEM standard polymer grip module that turns your every day care into something that feels and shoots like nothing else on the market. ***Full Pro Elite grip module description available under individual product offering (not "bundle")***

• Icarus Precision A.C.E. Pro Elite grip module has a contoured dust cover designed specifically for seamless integration of the PMM "Gen 2" JTTC Micro Comp/Barrel kit (compatible with Gen 1 version; but will NOT fit "flush")

• Mil spec 1913 picatinny rail

• Intended to be used with the Sig Sauer OEM standard P365 slide & XL magazines

• Machined from billet 7075 aluminum provides a metal replacement of the OEM standard polymer P365 grip module
• New "ELITE" series ergonomically designed grip geometry on an XL length handle
• Increased weight mitigates recoil (weight 3.875 oz)
• Narrow/contoured extended beaver muzzle reduces muzzle flip
• Upgraded "ELITE" series grip texture
• Elevated finger notch allowing for a more positive grip
• Moderately flared mag well
• "BUNDLE" only available in the non-manual safety FCU version
• Capacity: 12 +1 or 15 +1 rounds

***Fitment note regarding holsters: Although the majority of our grips are compatible with a variety of holsters, they are not compatible with all holsters designed for the OEM 365 grip module due to the mil spec 1913 picatinny rail feature and our ELITE series holsters will require a custom holster due to the unique trigger guard design; we have paired with LAG Tactical, ANR Designs, Havok Holsters, McKinatec Holsters, Tac Rig, Triad Holsters, Black Label Products so far (with MORE providers coming onboard SOON!) to provide customers with holster options. If you have questions about holster offerings, please contact the companies above directly or Icarus for additional information regarding compatibility***

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