Ace 365 XL Pro Parker Mountain Machine Model Coming Soon!

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News August 2020

*New PMM Comp ACE 365 pro model coming soon!

*ACE 320 Pro Comp Sale is over....thank you all for the support!

*New pricing for our new models means savings for you!

*Hybrid Grip Pre-Sale is live now!

*Sig Academy is just around the corner!

*Lamborghini Huracan upgrade kit also still in development.

*More new models coing for the P320 and P365.

*Icarus Precision will be In attendance at Sig Academy event!

*Custom Cerakote Ace 320's in the shop now only 70$ extra.

*Ace 320 Grip modules are live now!

*M17/18 Ace Grips available soon!

*Happy New Year everyone! May you all have a great 2020!

*We are going to Shot Show 2020!

*The Ace 320 is almost here!

*We are still working on our p320 prototype and have a few other projects coming soon!

*The on-site Cerakote shop is now live! We now control everything from machining all the way to shipping!

 *Icarus Now Has two Certified Cerakote Applicators in house!

*Icarus has partnered with Black Label Holsters for our ACE 365 Holsters.

*ACE 365 Grip Frame is Available now! check out the shop now!!

*P365 P320 M17 Ace Grips Available Now!

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**Due to ITAR Regulations, the exportation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories is heavily regulated in the U.S.  We are not registered with Department of State as an exporter, therefor we cannot ship any of our products outside the U.S. We cannot and will not ship to a freight forwarder who then ships outside the U.S. either.**